American Beauty: Roadside Attractions In search of the vanishing rest stop
Fashion Rocks: 15 Songs About Women's Clothing Turns out guys do pay attention to this stuff
Waterfront Properties: Seaside Effects Dive into the most iconic beach scenes in movie history
Near Greatness: Big Shot The night Billy Joel came on to me and how I almost became his Uptown Girl
Bio Pics: What Your Favorite Movie Says About You
BFF: Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down Our friendship began entwined in jump ropes
Perfect Strangers: Reunited 40 Years Later on Dr. Phil After her ex kidnapped their kids
Shore Bets: 15 Classic Beach Songs You can practically smell that salt air
Caller ID: Rikki, Don't Lose That Number Goodbye to the digits I've had for years
Bunk Mates: The Ultimate Movie Summer Camps Sunburns, sing-alongs and serial killers

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