Beatlemania: Yesterday The story behind McCartney's classic, which hit No. 1 fifty years ago
Life Lessons: Straightening Up How I learned to throw away the things that don't make me happy
Near Greatness: My Love Affair With Mel Brooks A night with the funniest man in history
The Wanderer: Lost in the Maze of Life Tall bushes, what could possibly happen?
Rock Heaven: You Shook Me All Night Long Rocking out with my son and AC/DC
Adult Films: Mars Attack 'The Martian' gives a modern twist to Hollywood's infatuation with the Red Planet
Burning Desire: Like a Virgin Joe was a sex machine with a beautiful body, and I couldn't get enough of him
Smarty Pants: The Brightest Stars 20 celebrities with sky-high IQs
My Mother: Sudden Death Her untimely passing more than 20 years ago haunts me to this day
Rock On: Wisdom of Pearl 12 candid quotes from Janis Joplin to mark the 45th anniversary of her death

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