First Person: My Rock 'n' Roll High School Hanging out with the music crowd
TV Watch: Flesh and 'Bloodline' Netflix's new addition to gotta-watch-it shows
Friends Forever: Just Yesterday We were just speeding down the highway listening to music without a care in the world
Movie Magic: What We Used to Think of As Old Face it – you're older than Norma Desmond
Life Reimagined: The Secret Tool How to nail the magical interview that'll lead to your future
Rumor Mill: 15 Craziest Urban Legends of Rock and Roll
Kinda Blue: A Toast to My Cocktail of Meds Accepting the things I cannot change
Cold Reads: Don't Call Us, We'll Call You Stars screen test for parts they never landed
Past Blasts: Classic TV Themes The music from TV shows you grew up with was often better than the shows themselves
Life Reimagined: Passion for Your Work Is Overrated The key to happiness at work is engagement

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Purple Clover is a site for people who hate being called "baby boomers" or labeled as "Gen X" (or, for that matter being called "sir" or "ma'am"). We're young at heart, if not in age, and comfortable in our own skin, wrinkles be damned. If we were a celebrity, we'd be Juliana Margulies or George Clooney. Although we'd never say it out loud, especially in front of our kids, we are in our prime - still cool, still curious, and still crazy after all these years.

But most of all, we are real. And that's exactly what Purple Clover is: a destination that reflects the truth about how we live today, although we're still a little fuzzy on how we want to live tomorrow. What's clear is this: We still have plenty to do and plenty to enjoy and hope that we can figure out the tomorrow part together.

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