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What the Dying Want Us to Know About Living


What the Dying Want Us to Know About Living

Death teaches us not to rush past the things we'll wish we had more of at the very end of life

Posted by Alexandra Rosas
  • annalefler annalefler says:

    This is such a critical lesson - for me, especially, who is also always running around in a rush and ...

  • twertman twertman says:

    This is lovely. There are too many lessons in death.

    Thinking of you as you heal and sending peace ...

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Robin Williams in First Class

Life Reimagined

Robin Williams in First Class

My experience interviewing the star of 'Mrs. Doubtfire' matched the report of the flight attendant who served him between New York and L.A.

Posted by Kenneth M. Chanko
  • Your conscience Your conscience says:

    @DEACON: Yes DEACON go kill yourself nobody will miss you remember you or will talk about you.

  • Sunnygirl Sunnygirl says:

    Deacon and Stacysole02 you two are just like bad children. You think any attention is better than none, so you ...

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ArielOzzArielOzz asks:

Ever wish you could write for Purple Clover?

  • sara (h) sara (h) says:

    When I was a child I experienced night terrors. You know the kind of nightmares when you open your eyes ...

  • mtissot mtissot says:

    Hi, I´d like to submit my essay for your consideration.

    The Real Deal: Why I´m not Pro-Choice and I´m ...

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