Birthday Boy: The Wild One Charlie Sheen is turning 50 and maybe there's still time for him to grow up
Next Steps: Walking Tall I've always had a soft spot for the clumsy teenage girls in heels
First Love: Something in the Way He Moves George Harrison lives on inside me
High Anxiety: Insecurity Blanket The self-doubts of Hollywood's biggest stars
Life Reimagined: 5 Myths About Sex and Aging C'mon baby, relight your fire
Holy Matrimony: Wedding Bell Blues I love a man who doesn't want to marry me
First Person: My Matryoshka Doll Birthing and burying my guilt and grief
Rock On: Tramps Like Us 10 things you should know about 'Born to Run' on its 40th anniversary
My Mother: I've Just Seen a Face There in the photo–the face of my father
Life Reimagined: Finding Home How to plan your next move and settle in a place that you truly love


Last Girl Standing

From the Scream Queen to Sigourney Weaver, we're celebrating Halloween with our favorite slasher cinema survivors

by Skylar Harrison

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