Mysterious Ways: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Believing in past lives, karma and all that stuff
Featured The Secret to How Jon Hamm Turned His Life Around
Adult Films: Having Her 'Cake' Jennifer Aniston suffers for her art in this sad/funny drama
Bittersweet Memories: The Big Lie of Family Photos Misleading moments in time
Life Reimagined: Counting Crows Turns out that getting hooked on a hobby also keeps you healthy
Obstructed Views: Bare Minimum Vintage nudes designed to reveal as much as possible without crossing the line
Surreal World: I've Got Dreams to Remember The intimate details of my dreamscape
Animal Attraction: Flirting Game Sometimes flirting wasn’t much more than a diversion, but other times it was dead serious
Rock Heaven: Simon & Garfunkel & Me My first concert was a great day in the park
Life Reimagined: Your Playlist for Change Melancholy music actually cheers us up


Stars – They Were Just Like Us!

This is what Us Weekly and the other celebrity tabloids would've run in the good ol' days

by Skylar Harrison
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