First Person: Welcome to My Nightmare The night my 77-year-old dad was taken to jail
Featured 7 Famous People Who Hit Bottom – and Turned it Around
Rock Steady: Bruce at 65 Four decades after the release of his debut album, the long gone daddy is going strong
Book Club: Romance in the Pants Studs in bodice rippers were my first lovers
Forever Chic: Dress Youthfully Without Making a Fool of Yourself
Life Reimagined: Healthy Habits Encore! Encore! Turns out, 300 repetitions may be the key
Movie Magic: What We Used to Think of As Old Face it – you're older than Norma Desmond
Comic Relief: Old Jokes There are many worthy ways to approach aging, but laughing at it is perhaps the best
Near Greatness: A Brief Encounter With Leonard Cohen
The Rant: Straight Out of Brooklyn I can't afford to live in my hometown anymore

Life Reimagined

How Would John Lennon Handle Being Criticized On One of Today's Singing Competion Shows?

Watch the judges' hilarious reaction to the ex-Beatles' blind audition

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