A Moment of Silence

The only problem with living in a city that never sleeps is that sometimes it’s just too dang noisy to get any shut-eye yourself. That’s why we’re excited about Sono, a revolutionary conceptual device that uses noise-cancelling technology to filter sounds from the great (and loud) outdoors. Created by Austrian industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich, the device can be adjusted to eliminate obnoxious sounds like those from construction sites or honking horns while allowing more pleasant sounds (like a bird chirping) to come on in.

“In our loud and busy world, a moment of silence has become a scarce and almost luxurious experience,” said Stefanich. “Sono lets you reclaim that silence for your home.”

Unfortunately, this ingenious device is not for sale quite yet, although it was recently nominated for a prestigious James Dyson Award, so look for it soon. — Adam Albright-Hanna


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