Splish Splash

Ever since supermodel Kate Moss showed up at the Glastonbury music festival wearing hot pants and Hunter boots several years ago, fashion brands have been obsessed with big rubber rain boots. And you can see why: The look is cute and sexy — on Kate Moss. But in anything short of a downpour, those boots seem like overkill. Here are better alternatives for a routine rainy day, the kind you associate with Paris or Portland. All four are über-chic, as well as practical, and you can keep them on indoors. DR. MARTINS: This new style has a relatively pointed toe, which gives it a more feminine appearance than traditional “Doc Martins,” and the extra-thick sole is ideal for trudging through puddles. SWEDISH HASBEENS: From one of Sweden’s hottest companies, the Zip It Emy is a booty-inspired update of the classic clog. Although the look is trendy, clogs were originally worn in Holland, much of which lies below sea level, which means they’re at home in damp surroundings. ZARA: Rain slides off this pointed loafer like water off a duck’s back, thanks to its patent-leather upper, and the vulcanized rubber sole and thick block heel make it a natural for inclement weather. MARC BY MARC JACOBS: This biker classic isn’t billed a rain boot, but it has lug soles to keep your feet dry and fur edging to warm your ankles. And like the three styles of shoes above, it’s a lot more comfortable than a high rubber boot. — Lola Ehrlich and John Birmingham


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