Wake and Bake

This is the weekend to bake. Next weekend will be too busy, and if you did it last weekend, all the cookies are probably gone. The following are five classic cookie recipes — with just a little bit of a twist — because why mess with perfection?

Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies (pictured above) — Joy Wilson (aka Joy the Baker) came up with this ridiculously delicious take on the ubiquitous peanut butter cookie. If putting bacon in a cookie freaks you out, check out her long list of other cookie recipes here.

Basil Snickerdoodles — Ignore the frozen yogurt (peaches are too out of season) and scroll right down to the cookie recipe. Basil offers a surprisingly fresh note in these sugary, spice-laden treats. Thank you, Stephanie Shih (Dessert for Breakfast) for this recipe.

Sea Salt and Thyme Chocolate Chunk Cookies — Shih takes thyme and a little sea salt and turns chocolate chip cookies on their head.

Chewy Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Blueberries and Ginger — Baker, writer and photographer Irwin Lin came up with this flavor combination. You'll never go back to boring old raisins and cinnamon again. If you want more of Lin's recipes, check out his 12 Days of Christmas Cookies on Eat the Love.

Coffee Cake Cookie — Our favorite cake in cookie form. Get baking. – Cerentha Harris


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