First Person: My Friend the Rapist How a manila envelope changed everything
Featured 7 Famous People Who Hit Bottom – and Turned it Around
Near Greatness: Long Ago and Far Away My ride with James Taylor and Carly Simon
Sweat Shop: My Body, My Self What changed my workout habits completely were two things: pregnancy and age
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Life Reimagined: Jump-Start Your Creativity 5 tactics to fire up your thinking
Adult Films: About a Boy Brilliant and groundbreaking, 'Boyhood' is a coming-of-age tale in the truest sense
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Rock History: On the Record If you can't guess this album cover, we can never be friends
Special ED: Die Hard We've entered the age of the entitled penis, the penis-as-revenge against the Grim Reaper

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The Greatest Things Ever Said About Growing Old

A little inspiration can go a long way

Adam Albright-Hanna by Adam Albright-Hanna

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