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Throwback: The Beatles

A final No. 1 hit on the long and winding road


It was 48 years ago today that "The Long and Winding Road" marked the beginning of the end for the Beatles.

The tender ballad, the last single ever released by the band, topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks beginning on June 13, 1970, and proved to be an unintended but apt farewell. It was the Beatles' 20th and final No. 1 hit, reaching that position one month after Paul McCartney announced that he was going solo.

Despite its success, the song played a key role in McCartney's decision to quit the band. He hated the horns, strings and women's choir that were added by producer Phil Spector and cited the "intolerable interference" in a legal move to dissolve the Beatles.

McCartney was much happier with the 2003 version of "The Long and Winding Road" on the "Let It Be…Naked" album, which is stripped of Phil Spector's signature Wall of Sound.