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Throwback: Elvis' Return

Today in 1969, 'Suspicious Minds' hits No. 1


On this day in 1969, the King of Rock and Roll recaptured a throne that seemed lost forever after the arrival of the Beatles in 1964.

"Suspicious Minds" topped the Billboard Hot 100 during the first week of November. It was Elvis Presley's 18th and final No. 1 hit, crowning a comeback that began with "Elvis," the groundbreaking TV special—a precursor to MTV Unplugged—that aired December 3, 1968 on NBC.

The uptempo song, which downshifts to a lament at the bridge, perked ears by fading out for 15 seconds toward the end…and then regenerating to repeat the first verse and chorus—just the way Elvis performed it live in Vegas.

Photo: NBC/Getty Images