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Prince Left No Will

Sister asks court to appoint her administrator


Prince left behind a trove of unreleased music, his Paisley Park home and office compound outside Minneapolis and untold millions in assets—but he apparently died without a will.

The superstar's sister and only surviving full family member, Tyka Nelson, has asked a Minnesota court to appoint her as the special adminstrator of her brother's estate in absence of a will. She also requested that his longtime bank oversee the estate.

Prince's attorney reportedly declined to comment on whether a will existed. Minnesota law allows an individual to secretly file a will, which is then made public after a death certificate is issued. The medical examiner won't sign that document until the office gets the results of toxicology tests performed at Prince's autopsy last week.

Prince, 57, was divorced and had no known living children when he died last Thursday (he and first wife Mayte Garcia had a son who died as an infant in 1996). In addition to his sister, he has three half-siblings. He also had a sister, Lorna Nelson, who died in 2006, and a brother, Duane Nelson, who died five years ago.

His real-estate holdings alone are worth an estimated $27 million. And the cash flow has spiked in the days since his death, thanks to surging album sales. Eight Prince albums have surged into the latest Billboard 200 album chart. Three of those records are in the Top 10: "The Very Best of Prince" is No. 1, "Purple Rain" is second and "The Hits/B-Sides" is sixth.