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Throwback: 'Something'

Today in 1969: Harrison's love song hits No. 1

George And Pattie

Something in the way "Something" moved the music world attracted love like no other George Harrison composition.

John Lennon said the romantic ballad, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 on November 29, 1969, was the best song on the Beatles' new "Abbey Road" album. Paul McCartney praised "Something" as "George's greatest track."

It was the only Harrison tune ever released as a Beatles single, albeit double-sided, sharing No. 1 with Lennon's "Come Together," the opening track on "Abbey Road."

The guitarist was 25 when he started writing a love song for his wife, Pattie Boyd, while the Beatles were finishing up their self-titled white album in 1968. But Harrison was quick to acknowledge his original spark of inspiration: "Something in the Way She Moves," the 1968 James Taylor song that provided the opening line of "Something."

Second only to "Yesterday" as the most covered Beatles song, "Something" has been recorded by more than 150 singers ranging from Joe Cocker, Ray Charles and Eric Clapton to Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, who called it "the greatest love song ever written."

George Martin, the Beatles longtime, legendary producer, regarded the song as Harrison's magnum opus. "I first recognized that he really had a great talent when he did 'Here Comes the Sun,'" Martin said. "But when he brought in 'Something,' it was something else…a tremendous work."

Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images