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Lost in Disorganization

How Bill Murray blew his shot at an upcoming role


Bill Murray's carefree attention to detail apparently cost him the starring role in the American remake of "Toni Erdmann," the German comedy that's been nominated for Best Foreign Film at the upcoming Academy Awards.

The 66-year-old comedian and one-time Best Actor contender ("Lost in Translation") says Kristen Wiig wanted him to play her father in the Hollywood version of the movie, which is still in the fragile early stage.

"I'm just not very organized," Murray told CNBC's "Squawk Box." "I didn't get around to watching this thing that she wanted me to watch."

By the time he contacted Wiig to express interest, another actor had already been hired: Jack Nicholson.

"That guy's a poacher," Murray deadpanned. "He'll take anything."