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Sterling Cooper Scores

Heinz goes with tagline pitched by Don Draper


If the new ad campaign for Heinz ketchup and mustard sounds familiar, you must be a "Mad Men" fan.

The condiment company has unveiled its latest sales pitch, "Pass the Heinz," the brainchild of the AMC series' leading man, advertising genius Don Draper. Jon Hamm's debonair character came up with the concept in a 2013 episode, only to get shot down by Heinz's fictional representatives.

Four years later, the real ketchup kings have reconsidered. The "Pass the Heinz" tagline is "clever, modern and doesn't require paragraphs of copy to convey what Heinz brings to the table," the company says in a statement. "[This] campaign perfectly captures the desire for great-tasting Heinz products with America's favorite foods."

Heinz amps up the life-imitates-art angle by giving credit to the "Mad Men" agency that first suggested the slogan 50 years ago, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The "full-service" organization works with clients "in a variety of industries, including automotive, health care, consumer products, food and other packaged goods," Heinz notes.

The company says its new catchphrase will appear on billboards and publications.

Cue up Carly Simon's "Anticipation."

Photo: AMC