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Not Just Anybody

Jeffrey Tambor reflects on a singular career

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The self-deprecating title of Jeffrey Tambor's memoir, "Are You Anybody?," hints at the trajectory of his life and career.

The late-blooming actor's book, just published, chronicles his emergence from under the thumb of his demanding, eccentric parents in San Francisco to his star turns in "The Larry Sanders Show," "Arrested Development" and "Transparent."

Tambor, 72, recounts his battles with audience expectations, Scientology and fear, an emotion he likens to a creepy neighbor who's always glaring at him from behind the safety of her window. That's why he's dubbed fear "Old Mrs. Cohen."

But Tambor also basks in the "electric spontaneity" of "Arrested Development," the quirky, award-winning Fox series that aired from 2003–06 and came back for an encore on Netflix in 2013.

He cherishes the Golden Globe he won in 2015 for his role as the transgender parent on "Transparent" and he sings the praises of the late Garry Shandling, who cast Tambor as his sidekick on HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show" 25 years ago. He was "the kindest of geniuses," Tambor writes.

Like his friend, Tambor isn't just anybody. He's somebody—and, judging from the early kudos, his new book is something else.

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AXN