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Bruce Willis takes aim in 'Death Wish' reboot

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Bruce Willis channels Charles Bronson in the upcoming remake of "Death Wish," which opens, eerily enough, on November 22, the 54th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

This time, the vigilante wet dream is set in drug-addled Chicago, not the New York mean streets depicted in the 1974 classic that made Bronson a one-man justice system. It spawned four sequels and countless "This time it's personal" action flicks like Steven Seagal's "Hard to Kill" and Denzel Washington's "Man on Fire."

Willis, a la Bronson, plays an upstanding citizen hell-bent on revenge after his wife (Elisabeth Shue) is murdered. The first trailer, set in part to AC/DC's "Back in Black," depicts an impressive array of weapons, creative torture and murder techniques, and a dizzying body count.

The "Death Wish" remake is directed by Eli Roth, who has previously helmed horror flicks like "Cabin Fever" and "Knock Knock." (He's also an actor, perhaps best known for playing Donny "The Bear Jew" Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds.")

Willis' co-stars include Vincent D'Onofrio ("Full Metal Jacket"), Dean Norris ("Breaking Bad") and comedian Mike Epps.