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It's Certainly a Thrill

London firm introduces Sgt. Pepper jukebox


If you've still got 45rpm records, there's now a cool, retro way to play them: a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band jukebox.

The limited-edition time machine, authorized by the Beatles' Apple Corps. Ltd., holds 70 vinyl singles that can blast out of the enclosed five-way speaker system.

But you might need a little help from your friends to pay for it. The price: a tad under $12,000, not including tax, delivery and installation.

Custom built to order by London-based Sound Leisure, the 265-pound behemoth looks like a high-tech calliope created for the benefit of Mr. Kite. Sure, it's designed to crank out old-school vinyl, but the Sgt. Pepper juke also features a remote control, auxiliary outputs, additional speaker connections, software to produce selection labels, and Bluetooth capability so you can stream music from your smartphone or computer.

Visually, it's like looking at a three-dimensional reproduction of the "Sgt. Pepper" album cover. The chrome-trimmed unit is adorned with colorful enlargements of artist Peter Blake's iconic graphics, including the fictional band's bass drum logo and an array of the famous faces who stand shoulder to shoulder behind the Beatles.

Not enough room in your budget or man cave? At least you can check out Sound Leisure's 12-minute video detailing the impressive amount of handiwork that goes into building each jukebox. Chances are you've never seen such deft, frequent use of X-Acto knives.

Photo: Apple Corps. Ltd.