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Nancy and Ann Wilson seem ready to reunite

Cheap Trick And Heart Perform At The Forum

Nancy Wilson says there's a good chance that a broken Heart will soon be mended.

The 64-year-old guitarist and "These Dreams" singer claims "a big offer" is on the table for a reunion tour next year with her sister, Ann Wilson, 68.

Nancy did not elaborate on the pending offer.

The two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers had a dramatic falling-out in 2016 when Ann's husband was arrested for assaulting Nancy's 16-year-old twin sons backstage at a Heart concert in Seattle. He pleaded guilty and was placed on probation for two years.

"It was just one of those things that takes time to get past," Nancy says on the newest episode of the podcast "Let There Be Talk." "It's not anything that Ann ever did wrong or I ever did wrong, but it's just one of those family dramas that just happened and it just kind of poisoned the atmosphere for a while."

Nancy says she recently reached out to her sister to discuss a possible reunion and repair their relationship. "I kind of said, 'I'm not ever gonna confront you about anything,'" she reports, "but there is this huge offer on the table, so we should talk—just the two of us."

"We're in that process right now," adds Nancy, who recently released an album with her new band, Roadcase Royale, which has been the opening act on Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band's farewell tour.

Last month, Ann Wilson released a solo album, "Immortal," paying tribute to favorite artists who recently passed away, including David Bowie, Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen and George Michael.