Mystery Dance

“Elvis Costello Goes Hip-Hop” announced a headline back in January, when the press learned he had teamed up with the neo-soul house band on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." But don’t expect Elvis Costello & the Roots’ long-simmering CD — “Wise Up Ghost,” due on September 17 — to be a novelty act. Although “Walk Us Uptown,” the single released ahead of the album, has hip-hop drums and a deep-funk flavor, it’s also vintage Costello. This isn’t the first collaboration for the legendary singer-songwriter, who previously partnered with artists ranging from Paul McCartney to Burt Bacharach. It is, however, the one that developed most organically, starting with impromptu jam sessions after Costello’s guest appearances on “Late Night.” Roots drummer Questlove has described “Wise Up Ghost” as “a moody, brooding affair.” But Costello, who will tour solo in November, prefers not to be pinned down. As he put it, “We didn’t work out any theories in advance. We just played.” — John Birmingham

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