20 Things You LOVED as a Child, But Hate as an Adult

It's not just toys that we leave behind

1. Being pinched on the cheek

2. Having your mom do that thing where she licks her fingers and cleans your face

3. Anything that requires taking off your shirt in public

4. Sleeping over at a friend’s house

5. Staying up late

6. Sitting in the front row at a movie theater

7. Your birthday

8. Surprise parties (or surprises of any kind)

9. Cereals based on cartoon programs

10. Invisibility

11. Playing dress up

12. Loud music

13. Naps

14. Water parks (see: #3)

15. Doritos, Cheez Doodles and all that other delicious crap

16. Talking during a movie

17. Knocking things down

18. Fart jokes

19. Spankings

20. Being the oldest

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