Let It Bleed

If you happily ignored all five installments of the "Twilight" saga, here’s a vampire movie that could be for you. Directed by indie pioneer Jim Jarmusch, “Only Lovers Left Alive” is far too cool to concern itself with teenage melodrama, focusing instead on an aging couple out for blood. As their names suggest, Adam and Eve (played by Tom Hiddleston and — who else? — Tilda Swinton) have been linked for centuries, though they live separately, in Detroit and Tangiers. Back in the day, Eve hung out with Shelley and Byron, but she and her husband view 21st-century “zombies” (a slur meaning humans) with disdain. Adam, who once collaborated with Franz Schubert, has become a recluse and turned his talents to rock and roll. Terminally hip, the undead duo savor their time together, listening to vinyl records, sipping fine Type O negative from long-stemmed glasses and cruising through the ruins of Motor City in Adam’s white Jaguar XJS.

Like other Jarmusch films (such as “Stranger Than Paradise” and “Broken Flowers”), “Only Lovers Left Alive” is a deadpan comedy in which not a whole lot happens — the highly cultured vampires don’t even bite, preferring to score the “good stuff” from a medical supplier. But the movie, which opens on April 11, is also a romance, and you can count on its director for atmosphere that’s hypnotic and pitch-perfect. —John Birmingham

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