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Bruce's High Hopes

April is shaping up as a big month for Bruce Springsteen. On the 6th, he’ll kick off a U.S. tour with a free concert in Dallas; four days later, the E Street Band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This follows the release of his latest album, “High Hopes,” which came out in January and instantly hit number one. Reviews, however, were mixed. Some saw “High Hopes” as a hodgepodge — unreleased studio material, covers of songs by other artists, retooled tracks from the past — that lacked the sort of unifying theme associated with masterpieces like “Tunnel of Love” and “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” But Springsteen refuses to coast, and even a mixed bag from him can be compelling. That’s why you should check out “Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes,” a new documentary set to premiere on April 4 on HBO. Directed by Thom Zimny (this is his eighth Springsteen doc), the half-hour film includes behind-the-scenes footage as well as concert segments and interviews, providing a window into Springsteen’s creative process and showing that, never mind the critics, his glory days are now. —John Birmingham

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