The Ageless Beauty of Catherine Deneuve

The legendary French actress, who is celebrating her 72nd birthday, can still rock lingerie

Hard to believe that Catherine Deneuve—the star of films by directors like Francois Truffaut and Luis Buñuel, a model for the bust of Marianne, the symbol of France—just turned 72. Over five decades, the French actress has captivated us in classics like "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (1964), "Repulsion" (1965) and "Belle de Jour" (1967), as well as the more recent "8 Women" (2002) and "A Christmas Tale" (2008). Deneuve remains synonymous with timeless beauty and sex appeal, as evidenced by the photo shoot she did for New York magazine last year.

Happy 71st, Catherine! Here's to many more years and films.

Photos: Dominique Issermann