Shakespeare, Reanimated

This weekend (June 21-23), the Royal Shakespeare Company celebrates their 40th production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by introducing an online twist that not even the Bard himself could have written; they'll be interpreting the comedy classic in an online, fully interactive performance. This rendition, according to the company, is what the play looks like "as seen through the eyes of the Internet."

While actors are performing live in England, a coexisting story will run simultaneously online through the posting of photos, snippets, and news stories from the perspectives of some lesser known characters – you! Your posts will influence the real-life performance. It's kind of like a Shakespearean Facebook. To watch, comment, and interact with the action throughout the weekend, all you need is Internet access and a love of both really old writing and cutting-edge experimental technology.

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Still confused? Perhaps this cartoon Shakespeare and his pig can explain it better:

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