In the Bag

Dear Emma Stone,

If you were planning to pick up some groceries this week, don't bother.

Twenty-one gift bags, each valued at $167,586.76, were assembled this year for the losing nominees in the Oscars' four acting categories as well as those who were up for Best Director and the ceremony's host, Neil Patrick Harris. The mound of booty includes:

  • A $1,548 tour of a sea salt preserve in the south of France
  • An $800 "custom candy and dessert buffet"
  • $672 worth of flavored club soda
  • $569 in wine
  • $280 in maple syrup, salad dressing, jellies and mustard
  • $75 in Washington State apples
  • A $75 bottle of mezcal
  • $68 worth of herbal-tea-based lollipops adorned with edible 24K gold leaf
  • $50 in chocolate-covered pretzels
  • $45 in gluten-free cookies
  • $24.99 in protein shakes
  • $8.99 in nuts
  • $8.99 in Dunkin' Donuts coffee
  • $8.97 in "designer mints"
  • $3.99 worth of gluten-free, vegan popcorn

Non-food-related gifts include antiperspirant, a vibrator, a "non-invasive liposuction wearable device," horoscope readings, a vaporizer and a $5,000 pair of orgasm-boosting injections. Business Insider has the full list of gift bag goodies. —Michael Dukas