Stories We Tell

The Moth, a wildly popular nonprofit that organizes shows and produces podcasts devoted to the art of storytelling, is about to release its first book. Titled simply “The Moth,” the $11.95 paperback presents 50 of the best tales from the group’s archive of more than 10,000 stories. Although it took inspiration from storytellers in rural Georgia, The Moth began in 1997 in New York City, where it quickly grew into a cult phenomenon, attracting writers like George Plimpton to Salmon Rushdie, as well as amateurs. It later spawned The Moth Radio Hour and events in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and other cities. The new book, which hits stores on September 3, aims to maintain that mix: Malcolm Gladwell recalls a botched wedding toast; Hemingway biographer A.E. Hotchner describes his moment of truth in a bullring; a poker player remembers the drama of a two-million-dollar hand. Think of each story as a single flame. — John Birmingham

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