All-Day Suckers

How long has it been since you’ve sucked on a lollipop? That’s what we thought. But what if we told you that instead of grape and orange and cherry, you could enjoy flavors like bourbon and absinthe and amaretto? Then would you go for one? Well, there’s an actual “gourmet lollipop company” in Texas that might be worth checking out. It’s called Lollyphile, and the flavors it produces are anything but childlike. The latest flavor to come on line is — get this! — Blue Cheese, which is described as tasting like a sweet, sharp Gorgonzola. “It started off as a joke, and I was initially scared to try them,” says Lollyphile owner Jason Darling, who founded the company in 2008. But, “They’re delicious. I mean, if you like blue cheese.” Darling’s “mad scientist mentality” has led to a number of other unlikely lollypop flavors. There are the Habanero Tequila, Chai Tea, Pomegranate Tangerine, and Sriracha varieties. But the strangest has got to be the Breast Milk lollipops. “We are endlessly grateful to all the mothers who kept sharing their breast milk with our flavor specialists until we were able to candify it,” reads a description on the company’s website. “These lollipops won't bring back childhood memory; they'll bring up animal instinct. Quite possibly the most inherently satisfying flavor of all time. (PS: There's no actual breast milk in these. They're vegan! OMG! The armies of pumping women.)” We told you it was strange. — Ralph Raffio

Tags: food