How to Dress for Yoga

Yoga isn’t a competitive sport—and that applies to yoga clothes, as well. After a certain age, it’s a mistake to take on the style of the Millennial in capri-length tights doing Warrior II on the mat next to yours. Here’s a better approach. HAVE FUN WITH COLOR: This means layering. Wear a long tank top or a racer-back tank over a T-shirt in an unexpected color combo—such as lavender and orange, or rust and royal blue. But don’t forget the adage that dark colors are slenderizing. If you’re bottom-heavy, for example, wear black, charcoal or navy pants, and bright colors on top. FOCUS ON FIT: This goes double when it comes to yoga pants. When you try them on, squat and bend to make sure the fabric stretches comfortably and keeps you covered. Yoga bottoms are never flattering if you feel encased like a sausage. Choose straight-leg pants that, like the style here, are neither loose nor snug. And consider long sleeves, at least until you achieve true yogini status (and the muscle tone that accompanies it). AVOID GIMMICKS: Steer clear of trendy decals, logos and embroidery. Your only ornamentation should be a great pedicure and the glow that goes with your blissed-out state. —Lola Ehrlich