The Great White Way

Nothing looks fresher and dishier than a classic white shirt — even if it's not ironed. Regardless of its details (open or button-down collar, visible or hidden button placket, plain or French cuffs), the white shirt is timeless. Take, for example, Uma Thurman in the diner scene in "Pulp Fiction" — almost 20 years after the release of that movie, her character doesn't appear the least bit dated. What's more, this wardrobe essential is flattering to women of any age. Prices run the gamut, from less than $50 for a simple "boyfriend shirt" to a couple of hundred or more for a distinctive designer piece (such as those here and here). Just one tip: If you like the look of an unironed shirt, the rest of your outfit must be crisp. You might offset the wrinkles with, say, a well-tailored blazer and relatively new chinos or jeans. Otherwise, it's really hard to go wrong with a white shirt, one of the most versatile items of clothing you'll ever own. — Lola Ehrlich and John Birmingham


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