Snapchat Shuns Facebook

The tech world is buzzing today after social photo app Snapchat turned down Facebook’s offer to acquire them for $3 billion. While there’s plenty of Silicon Valley folk who think the young start-up company was crazy to reject the cash, other insiders think it may have been a pretty shrewd move. But first off, what is Snapchat? Used primarily by teens and twentysomethings (for now), the app allows you to send someone a photo. The catch? The picture disappears after a few seconds. The clever service not only appeals to the Anthony Weiners of the world, but for anyone who values privacy and doesn’t necessarily think Facebook should have your entire life on file. Facebook was smart to try and snatch it up, but it may have been an even better move by Snapchat to resist — its user base has grown exponentially with no slowdown in sight. — Adam Albright-Hanna

Tags: technology

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