Do Right Mani

Metallic sparkles, rainbow stripes, 3D jewel appliqués — when it comes to manicures, it seems girls just wanna have fun. But for most women, the novelty of DIY nail art eventually wears thin. Luckily, there’s a counter trend in the opposite direction, toward simple nail polish with a matte finish. Leading brands from Maybelline to Chanel now offer matte polish, with the muted quality of velvet, in a wide range of colors. You can achieve the same effect, however, by applying Dolce & Gabbana’s new Top Lacquer Matte Nail Coat over polish you already own. Similar products are available from specialists like Essie and Deborah Lippmann, and all are formulated to help preserve and protect your nail polish as they take it from shiny to matte. One caveat: The matte finish tends to highlight dry skin, peeling cuticles and other imperfections. It’s essential to moisturize your cuticles and then apply both the polish and the matte coat as carefully as possible. — Lola Ehrlich and John Birmingham

Tags: beauty

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