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Easy Food Resolutions

January is the month when all anyone talks about is dieting. In fact, a few of us here at Purple Clover have been doing Bon Appetit's Food Lover's Cleanse, which is delicious and great, but only runs for two weeks. Then what? Enter Mark Bittman of the New York Times and his very sane take on eating well. According to Bittman, it's not about the food-tracking app on your phone or that bracelet on your wrist that magically measures your steps and calorie intake. Based on the tenets of flexitarianism (think vegetarian with a little meat thrown in), he suggests 12 easy things you can do to eat well this year. Each tip is accompanied by a recipe (his entire article is here). Try Now: Make your own condiments — the marjoram pesto sounds delicious and would be a perfect companion to fish or pasta. Game Changer: Try cutting back on meat and splurging on the prime stuff when you do eat it. And then try Bittman's Thai Beef Salad pictured above. –Cerentha Harris

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