The Heat Is On – Your Screen

As wonderful as our eyes may be, there are many things lurking in nature that our primitive vision cannot detect in the dark. Gas leaks, lost pets or even strangers can all be protected by the shadow of the night. Unless, of course, you upgrade your sight with the help of Flir’s new thermal imaging case for the iPhone ($350). Using patented technology to translate energy into dynamic colors, your phone is transformed into a night-vision, heat-seeking, super-powered device that’s as helpful as it is fun. Homeowners will love it for its ability to detect things such as wall studs or water damage, while outdoor types can enjoy their ability to observe nighttime wildlife (or to double check if the campfire is fully extinguished). The cases will be shipping soon, but in the meantime you can pre-order one on their website. — Adam Albright-Hanna

Tags: technology

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