Have App, Will Travel

A slew of foodie apps have recently surfaced that allow us to travel around the country like locals — locals, that is, who know where to find everything from the best ribs to a killer cup of coffee. Here are three of our favorites:

1. attracted a hefty $15 million investment from a bunch of investors last year, including American Express. The latest version of the beautifully designed site and app gets smarter the more you use it. You let it know what city you live in and then rate at least 10 restaurants. It uses that info to figure out what you like and suggest new places — in your city and across the country. With over 700,000 restaurants, 5 million users and a partnership with OpenTable for bookings, we predict Likeness is going to give Yelp a run for its money. (FREE)

2. Chefs Feed is the work of brothers Steve and Jared Rivera (who both started out in public relations) and San Francisco-based food writer Sara Deseran. They offer restaurant guides to 23 cities sourced from hundred of top local chefs. It's a simple, well-designed experience that relies on experts rather than user-generated reviews to surface great places to eat. (FREE)

3. Savored is a Groupon company and (as you'd expect) it's packed with great deals for restaurants in cities all over the country. Use it to find discounts at the restaurants you've unearthed using Likeness and Chefs Feed. (FREE) — Cerentha Harris


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