Go Fish

The Mayo Clinic recently published an article reminding us to eat fish for a healthy heart (remember all those wonderful Omega-3 fatty acids?). One of the joys of getting older is we don't have to listen to anyone nagging us at the dinner table. But maybe we should.

It turns out Americans aren't eating enough fish to reap the health benefits. According to the American Heart Association, we should eat two servings of fish a week. That's about 22 pounds a year. The Commerce Department's latest report shows we eat less than 15 pounds of fish a year (and that's down from the previous year). The good news is that fish is easy to cook, affordable and — if prepared properly — delicious. WHAT TO COOK NOW: Bon Appétit offers up a number of easy fish dishes. We took their baked salmon with citrus and tweaked the recipe slightly. It's an easy weeknight meal or a simple dinner party dish for 6 (pictured above). Click here for the recipe. — Cerentha Harris

Photo: Styling: Ali Nardi

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