The Bright Side of Being Digitally Challenged

10 ways to feel blessed, rather than confounded, by your analog ways

So you have no clue what a Tumblr is or how to pronounce 'gif' — that's OK. In fact, it's great. As these 10 helpful reminders show, not being wired up and plugged in 24/7 can actually be a blessing. Here's why:

When you hear the words "Angry Birds," you don't think of launching wingless birds at pigs. You think of Hitchcock.

You know you exist, so there's no reason to take a selfie.

Researchers have found that the longer people spend online, the less likely they are to be happy. The universe is sending us a message. See if you can figure out what that is.

What famous work of art are you? Which "Saved by the Bell" character are you? Which member of One Direction should you marry? These are things you will never know. Be grateful.

If your computer freezes because of something you've inadvertently done, it's time for a snack. Or a cocktail.

You'll always have an excuse for not replying to emails.

Waterfalls or Pinterest? Rain forests or Tumblr? Meeting a friend for coffee or multi-screen optimizations? Outside will always be better than inside.

More science: Digital "multitasking" has made us prone to distraction. In other words, stupider.

Never being able to register for a website doesn't mean you miss out. It just means you'll never give personal information to "The Man."

Porn is better without pop-up ads.

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