Breakfast of Champions

By now you've probably seen the ads featuring all of those Ronald McDonalds, so you know that Taco Bell and McDonald's are vying for supremacy of the billion-dollar breakfast market. Egg McMuffin, fast food's reigning breakfast champion, is now battling it out with Taco Bell's new sausage-filled breakfast waffle taco and crunch wraps. Let's face it — none of this breakfast fare is particularly healthy, but it's convenient and (full disclosure) tastes kind of great. However, for those of you who are less on the run and prefer breakfast at home, here are three recipes for homemade healthy(ish) versions.

1. Everyday to Gourmet features a whole wheat English muffin but still goes for American cheese in their Healthified Egg McMuffin (pictured above).

2. Cookies and Cashmere is a little more gourmet, with prosciutto, chives and a homemade paprika spread.

3. The Yummy Life shows you how to make a whole batch of breakfast sandwiches to freeze so you can just ditch the drive-through. —Cerentha Harris

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