Travel Experts Share Their Tips

For the uninitiated, Quora is a relatively new website in which experts answer a wide variety of questions, often with incredible insight and helpfulness. Perfect example: someone recently posted the question, "What are the best travel hacks?" Some of the responses have been fascinating, including this list from contributor Yoyo Zhou:

  • Bring an empty water bottle through airport security. Fill it up from a water fountain inside. Drink it on the flight to counteract dehydration.
  • Bring some kind of eye covering and ear plugs to help you sleep -- on flights, in airports, in hostels located next to nightclubs….
  • Bring a vacuum-sealed space saver bag, the kind you can squeeze the air out of by hand, for clothing. You can reduce the volume of clothing by a ridiculous amount.
  • Bring clothes that dry quickly, i.e. not cotton.
  • Get money from the ATM. Avoid moneychangers and their atrocious exchange rates like the plague. If possible, use a bank that doesn't charge you extra fees for withdrawals from outside ATMs on top of the ATMs' fees (my FCU even refunds the ATMs' fees).
  • Learn how to use the waist straps on backpacks if you're going to do a lot of walking. Most of the weight should be on your waist, not your shoulders. (I had been doing it wrong for my entire life.)
  • When getting off a plane and walking through the airport, avoid the first restroom you see. You will certainly come across another one soon that will be much less crowded.

For many, many more hints, tips, and tricks, go here.

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