Find Your Cell Phone Fast

On the list of frustrations associated with modern life, losing one’s cell phone (along with forgetting a password or needing a charge) is near the top. But the new Marco Polo app actually makes the search kind of fun. Based on the childhood game (which dates back to a time before kids became stuck in front a computer screen), the $0.99 iOS app is as simple as it sounds. Whenever you can't find your phone, instead of pulling up seat cushions or trying to dial it from someone’s else’s cell, simply yell out "Marco!" If your phone’s mic picks up your voice, it’ll scream back "Polo!" This little game of hide-and-seek last only as long as it takes you to find your lost phone. Packed with more than 30 voice options, the app also lights up at night, making the phone easy to locate in the dark. Now if only we could teach our lost bifocals to let us know when they’re resting on our head. —Adam Albright-Hanna

Tags: technology

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