Easy Listening Earbuds

According to a recent study, Americans spend approximately 60% of their lives performing the frustrating task of untangling the headphone cables. Although that statistic is probably not precisely accurate (since we just made it up), the fact remains that un-jumbling a spaghetti knot of earbuds before listening to music should not be the Sisyphean struggle that it's become. That's why we love the sound of Earin, a set of Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds that come with no attachments whatsoever. Created by a Swedish design team, the teeny headphones are virtually invisible when placed inside the listener's ear, which is perfect for listening to your favorite tunes during a dull business meeting (or for appearing insane as you sing along in public). The designers are currently raising funds to help bring the product to the U.S. — and they've already shot way past their goal, so it shouldn't be long. We'll keep an ear out and let you know as soon as the headphones become available. —Adam Albright-Hanna

Tags: music