Master Mynd

Mynd, the brilliant iPhone calendar app, increased its digital IQ this week with a major update. The free version added some cool functionality, most notably an upgrade to smarter contacts integration (including the folks in your phonebook and connections on LinkedIn). But it's the paid premium version that got the most impressive boost. For $5 a month, Mynd becomes your personal digital assistant. By keeping track of how you spend your day, the app has the ability to actually start predicting what your future calendar will look like. It also quickly learns how to categorize events on your schedule — figuring out, for example, how to distinguish between an exercise class and dinner reservations and labeling them separately. Yes, it's a little creepy that the program may know more about how you spend your time than you do, but that can be handy as well. If you're curious how many hours you spend on a certain task — say, driving for work — just plug it into your calendar and Mynd will spit out a summary. It's way easier than using your own brain. —Adam Albright-Hanna

Tags: technology