Wrist Action

Here’s a trend that gives those of us in our forties or older an edge. Multiple bracelets have caught on for younger women as well, but the look is much cooler when there’s personal history attached to it — when each bracelet tells a story. HOW TO PULL IT OFF: The key is to mix it up, combining at least five bracelets in contrasting widths and materials. You might juxtapose, for example, a charm bracelet that belonged to your mother with a pair of gold bangles, a Brazilian wish bracelet you picked up in Rio, a macramé bungee cord and a friendship bracelet made by your godchild. A man’s wristwatch amid the bracelets could serve as an anchor. WHAT TO AVOID: Steer clear of plastic. Opt instead for organic materials such as metals, leather, wood and textiles. ONE LAST TIP: Don’t follow our examples literally. The whole idea is to create a multifaceted expression of yourself. – Lola Ehrlich and John Birmingham

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