You Should Be Purifying the Air in Your Car

Zap pollutants, pollen, and that darn wet dog smell

Instead of masking the scent of your car (and everything in it) with the freshener hanging from your rearview, try purifying the air instead. Whether you're in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it's allergy season, or your pets regularly join you for joy rides, you'll want to blast away that car exhaust, pollen, and wet dog smell. It could be damaging your health more than you think—and this Car Plug-In Purifier will do the trick.

The purifier has a built-in ionizer that will take care of odors and pollutants alike. It plugs into your car's outlet and quickly gets to work, even eliminating the smell of cigarette smoke in seconds. Score it for $19.99, which is 77% off of its retail price of $89, and breathe easy on your way to work, home, or school.

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