This Modern Sidekick Journal Will Help You Set Intentions

Set your intentions and accomplish your goals during your most productive mornings yet

Set intentions, create new habits, and accomplish your goals with a journal that'll help you optimize your mornings—and maybe even your life. The Morning Sidekick Journal helps you create a plan and stick with it. It'll help you outline why you want to achieve goals and provide snack-size inspirational stories about inspirational people that range from Olympic athletes to Richard Branson to spur you along.

So whether you're looking to meditate or write a novel, the Morning Sidekick Journal will help you keep yourself accountable. Research shows that a technique like this makes you 42% more likely to succeed. This video breaks down how:

Since the journal is currently marked down 26% from $33.90 to $24.99, there's practically no excuse to not get started on your goals.

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