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The 10 most annoying things about living with your grown children

A new Pew Research Center study shows that 36% of Millennials (18- to 31-year-olds) are still living at home, the highest that number has been in at least four decades. We can totally relate. While it can be a real joy having your children so close, it can also be really annoying. The following are our 10 biggest pet peeves about sharing the same roof with our adult offspring:

1. They Instagram every meal we serve them.

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2. They borrow our clothes for job interviews. Maybe the fact that they don't have a single thing of their own to wear kinda explains the whole "not having a job" thing.

3. We hate having to explain why they no longer get an allowance.

4. We worry when they don't come home at night, and are then kind of disappointed when they do.

5. We have to delay our dream of turning their bedroom into something cool, like an office. Or home disco.

6. They smell bad.

7. They eat all of our food.

8. The bathroom (and we won't get into specifics here because it just grosses us out).

9. The smugness that comes from duping their landlords into not charging them rent.

10. They think they still live here.

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