How Gender Affects the Way You Handle Money

A Mars vs. Venus breakdown of our strikingly different approaches to everyday finance

He spends, she spends!

When it comes to gender and money, there's no shortage of stats on how the sexes stack up.

But while you're probably used to hearing those differences dissected in discussions of salaries and pay inequality, it turns out there's a bit more to it—gender plays a role in a whole range of everyday money matters.

Case in point: New studies show that women tend to be savvier investors—thanks to key traits like patience—while men are more likely to embrace entrepreneurship due, in part, to higher confidence levels.

So we decided to throw our hat into the Mars vs. Venus ring.

From nest eggs to spending splurges, we've rounded up fresh stats and factoids that shed light on how men and women really compare on fundamental financial issues.

Check out the chart below to see how your team measures up.


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