The Difference Between Young Love and Old Love

There's absolutely no difference! End of story. Now read on!

Except for the lusting all day and night, it's exactly the same. It takes longer to catch each other running around the house. One of us will inadvertently bang our bad knee. The love of my life will then find a bag of peas in the freezer to bring the swelling down. Yes, this is love.

Except for hearing loss, it's exactly the same. My husband thought I asked,
"Would you like some of my herpes?" instead of what I actually said, "Would you like some of my Hersheys?" at our favorite ice cream shop. I still haven't shown my face back there. And yet, this is love.

Except for stolen glances and smiles across a room, it's exactly the same. The last time we were at a party and I gave my husband a sexy smile across the room, he made his way through the crowd. I was quite excited that he got my message. Instead, he took a packet of Gas-X from his suit jacket pocket and handed me one. Yes, this is love.

Except for star-gazing late into the night, it's exactly the same. If the stars aren't out by 8:30, there will be no star gazing at our house. If the moon isn't high in the sky by 8:45, there will be no amore by moonlight. One of us might even pull the blinds to keep that annoying light out. Yes, this is love.

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Except for feeding each other small bites from our gourmet dinners, it's exactly the same. Sliced kosher hot dogs and baked beans fit nicely on a fork. An occasional bean may go rogue but, at our age, we can't see it—so it's all good. Yes, this is love.

Except for staring into each other's eyes and reading the other's romantic thoughts, it's exactly the same. Last week, I looked deeply into my husband's eyes and sent him a subliminal message that he should take me into his arms and smother me with kisses. He grinned and said, "I got your message. I can't wait. Let's go to that hockey game." I wanted to hit him in the head with a puck. Yes, this is love.

Except for the soft cooing in the night, as you're wrapped in each other's arms, it's exactly the same. The cooing has morphed into snoring like a bear on steroids … and that's me. Do not wake the bear! She gets very angry. Just push the bear onto her side and let her rest. Yes, this is love.

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Except for making love in the shower, it's exactly the same. Two weeks ago, I lost my balance and pulled the shower curtain completely off the rings. That was not a good look in the mirror. By the time I cleaned up the bathroom floor, the romance was down the drain. Yes, that is love.

Except for rainy days spent in bed, it's exactly the same. Champagne and brie with crackers have been replaced with ginger ale, with a splash of prune juice and pretzel sticks. Yes, this is love.

Except for sleepless nights with sick kids, it's exactly the same. Now I wake up at 2 AM and wonder what life will bring our way. We've had a full life and hope to live happily ever after.

Yes, 39 years later, this is love.